Facial Charcoal soap

I followed the recipe on the soapqueen.com. I must say that when it was curing, the smell of Tea tree oil was really, reeeally, strong. But after few days on the rack it smells great. I use it for the whole body, even if it should be just facial, and I like it.

Facial Charcoal soap

After long time searching the web for inspiration I have come up with the first version of the wrapping I really like.

I don’t want to brag, but it looks simple and easy on YouTube, where all the people are experienced and skilled more than me, but I finally did it and here is my final bar of soap.

Finally I will also share the recipe I used for this soap. Original recipe can be found here.

Recipe: Olive oil Pomace 42%, Coconut oil 26%, Palm oil 26%, Castor oil 6%, Tea tree essential oil, Activated Charcoal
Supplier: EkoKoza.cz

Recept: Olivový olej Pomace 42%, Kokosový olej 26%, Palmový olej 26%, Ricinový olej 6%, Tea tree esenciální olej, Černé uhlí
Dodavatel: EkoKoza.cz